Dassai tasting set - three bottle set
Dassai tasting set - three bottle set
Dassai tasting set - three bottle set
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Dassai tasting set - three bottle set

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Dassai Tasting Set contains the classics of Dassai Junmai-Daiginjo sake.

They are crafted using Yamada-Nishiki rice, polished down to - respectively - 23%, 39% and 45% of the original grain size.

Why "23", "39" or "45"?

The numbers in the name are derived from the fact that these sake are made from rice that has been polished to a specific ratio of its original grain size. When sake is crafted using highly polished rice (at least half of its original size), it can be labeled as the highest grade: Daiginjo.  For example, to create Dassai 23, the rice is polished to remove 77% of its outer surface until only a tiny core of the rice remains.

But why this extravagant polishing rate?

Well, the outer shell of rice grains contains proteins, fats and minerals. These, if left fermented, would lead to unpleasant aromas and flavor, so the more the grains are polished, the more clean and flavorful the sake gets. 


How to keep it?

Please keep it in the fridge (less than 10°C), and enjoy it within a month or two after purchase.

After opening, we recommend to enjoy it within the week.

Please avoid direct sunlight as premium sake such as Dassai are very sensitive to light and high temperature - it would negatively affects its aromas and flavor profile.



How to enjoy it?

We recommend to serve it at 10 to 12°C, year round - with a friend, your partner or even by yourself.

Dassai pairs well with French and Italian cuisine, but of course Japanese cuisine as well.

Dassai is not a hard liquor, but a fermented alcohol and has only 16% alcohol content.