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Dassai Sparkling 45 - Dassai Online
Dassai Online

Dassai Sparkling 45

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Naturally fermented in a 360ml bottle, resulting in a pleasant fruitiness and refreshing finish, this sake flavor and aroma are both smooth and fragrant.

This uniquely lighter nigori style is reflective of the premium elegance of Dassai Junmai Daiginjo.


Alcohol: 14%

Type of rice: Yamada-Nishiki

Rice polishing ratio: 45%

Bottle size: 360ml

How to keep it?

Please keep it in the fridge (less than 10°C), and enjoy it within a month or two after purchase.

After opening, we recommend to enjoy it within the week.

Please avoid direct sunlight as premium sake such as Dassai are very sensitive to light and high temperature - it would negatively affects its aromas and flavor profile.



How to enjoy it?

We recommend to serve it at 10 to 12°C, year round - with a friend, your partner or even by yourself.

Dassai pairs well with French and Italian cuisine, but of course Japanese cuisine as well.

Dassai is not a hard liquor, but a fermented alcohol and has only 16% alcohol content.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Jean-Noël Perbet
No need for bubbles

Les bulles, à mon goût, nuisent à la finesse des arômes du saké.


We have tried it at home and we just loved it



Doc Joe RG
Dassai Sparkling Sake really sparks joy

DASSAI SPARKLING 45 is for me one of the most enjoyable Sparkling Sake (Awasake) in the market. Easy to drink solo but also great to pair with different kinds of food.
The Dassai Sparkling 45 has a fresh, smooth and pleasant taste with a fine and persistent, not overwhelming perlage. This cloudy Sparkling Nigori Sake has a complex but very harmonic aroma which makes it easy to enjoy.
Make sure you enjoy it chilled ;-)

Refreshing sparkling sake

It goes well with Izakaya food on a hot summer day.