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Kuramoto Diary vol.508: Latest news

Advocacy ad in the Nikkei

On May 24th, we put up a full page advocacy ad in the Nikkei newspaper stating: "We stand along with Japan’s restaurant industry”. According to the Nikkei, the number of reactions on Twitter was of 16 million.

Initially, when I thought about posting this advocacy ad many people warned me of the eventual bad buzz it could generate on social media. But actually, it seems that most people agreed with us.


Misato’s room

We have reproduced the famous room of Misato Katsuragi, one of the main characters of the anime film "Evangelion", in our Ginza store. This reproduction is scheduled to last from June 7 to August 31.

I have always wanted to make this reproduction since the day I saw that scene in the movie where the character's room is filled with bottles of Dassai. To tell the truth, I almost fell off my chair 10 years ago when I saw this scene from Anno's movie in the theater.

If you get a chance, you can see how every detail of the room has been reproduced to the smallest detail. Of course, we also displayed the Ebisu beer and UCC coffee cans. This was only made possible by the cooperation of Sapporo and UCC, who went to great lengths to recreate the same packaging used back then. We are grateful to both companies for their cooperation.


In addition, we have also reproduced Dassai bottles from back then: Dassai 39 centrifuge in 720ml bottles. Some 300 bottles are available for sale, only in Dassai store in Ginza and Evangelion Store in Ikebukuro, Tokyo.


Dassai Fair at Tsutaya

This event is now over, but we held a Dassai event in Nakameguro and Daikan-yama Tsutaya in Tokyo. It was held for two weeks last month with the slogan "those who innovate and continue to innovate".

By the way, the words that Tsutaya’s team had to describe this event were very touching for me:

"Whether it is the music of the Beatles, the suits of Chanel or the paintings of the Impressionists, they all have in common that they were a small revolution in their time.

They are said to have been much criticized, but the talent, quality work, is never diminished by pecky critics. All of them ended up being widely accepted by the general public, and in a way, became major trends. Who decides that what is popular necessarily becomes lame anyway? Although popular or now considered "orthodox", these works or products have aimed, and still aim, for the best. In a way, they continue to innovate. This is what defines them as truly authentic works, and it doesn't matter what era they are from: they still have style.

And there is a pioneer of its kind, a sake that continues to challenge common sense and seek "the best". This sake is Dassai. Art, music, architecture, literature, gastronomy, business... Let's talk about this sake, let's talk about Dassai in the words of the pioneers of each of these genres. "


A blond Kuramoto?

About ten years ago I remember participating in an editorial for SPA magazine entitled "The Edgy ones". There were three of us with the mangaka Kenshi Hirokane and Mr. Morikawa, owner of the "Chicks" clubs in Ginza and Roppongi in Tokyo.

So why "A blond Kuramoto"? Well, since the interview was conducted in Mr. Morikawa's sumptuous clubs, the lighting was so bright that my gray hair looked blond in the picture.

I remembered my first sentence of this interview, I remember it was a pretty lame joke which must have been something like, "if we are edgy: let's hope we don't get cut! "

Even after 10 years, I don't feel like I've really changed... Ah! 


Cancellation of Dassai Party

First, we apologize about cancelling the Dassai Party. The Tokyo Dassai Party and Osaka Dassai Party scheduled on June 26th and July 3rd will be canceled due to priority measures for preventing the spread of Covid-19 by government policy. We were excited to have this party, but we needed to follow the government decision. Again, we truly apologize for the inconvenience for those who were looking forward to it.

Moreover, because the government policy was announced on June 21st just before the event, we were concerned if we could notify all the guests about this. Just in case, the president and I flew to Tokyo on 26th, and waited for people who didn’t know about the news at the opening time for the party at the entrance of the Grand Prince Hotel New Takanawa's Huitema. Fortunately, we were relieved none of guests showed up at the party as the announcement went well. The president said to me “you came all the way from Yamaguchi to here just go to the bathroom at the Grand Price Hotel.” However, I was relief they received our message on time.

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